I start my job on Monday, the kids rock up on Wednesday. I’m petrified to say the least. The most preparation I have done has involved shelling out a vast amount of money in order to find the perfect shoes, the perfect skirt and the perfect trousers, all of which I’ll probably hate and detest by October half term. I’ve spent the last three hours clearing the forests worth of paperwork that has been accumulated since September, transported from East London to South London and stored in a box for 3 months, most of it’s now in a recycling bag. I did however find some useful nuggets and some interesting ‘things’ I have collected along the way… 

1. 36 things to do with a poem worksheet
2. The BFI teachers handbook
3. An amazing story one of my pupils wrote ( I photocopied it)
4. This poem, which was tattered and pinned to the staffroom wall in my first placement school, just under an advert to teach in Singapore…

The Average Child by Mike Buscemi

I don’t cause teachers trouble;
My grades have been okay.
I listen in my classes.
I’m in school every day.
My teachers think I’m average;
My parents think so too.
I wish I didn’t know that, though;
There’s lots I’d like to do.

I’d like to build a rocket;
I read a book on how.
Or start a stamp collection…
But no use trying now.

’Cause, since I found I’m average,
I’m smart enough you see
To know there’s nothing special
I should expect of me.

I’m part of that majority,
That hump part of the bell,
Who spends his life unnoticed
In an average kind of hell.

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