evolution is amazing…

On the 3rd September 2009, I set up my first blog. I had just moved to Munsan, a village in South Korea to teach English. The primary function of said blog was to record and share my experiences with friends and family across the world. It worked well, saved endless emails with huge photo attachments and also managed to inform my friend Mary’s mother that she was still alive.

South Korea was a huge life changing experience. I had a wishlist of accomplishments and to live in Asia was one of them; to be living my dream was beyond this world. I met some amazing people, saw some amazing sights and ate some amazing food. I also got a serious bug for travel that has now entrenched itself fully within me.

During my time in South Korea, I didn’t just visit the country itself. Due to a delay en-route I arrived in Seoul via Dubai, I took a 3 day break to Tokyo,  a longer holiday to Northern Vietnam and came back to London via Kuala Lumpur. Vietnam and Japan were two countries I had longed to visit and both were incredible and I am itching to go back and further explore!

Returning from South Korea, straight onto a Masters, I still longed for travel and sought out short haul breaks in Ibiza, Amsterdam and Portugal before spending a long and lovely summer back in my adopted home city of London. However six months later the wander lust had taken hold. Changes in circumstances had made me desperate for an escape and a bite of care free wandering. Weighing up my options (and my finances) I decided that there was only one option. India. After a further four months reading every book I could about India and the fictional and non fictional experiences of others,  I found myself on a plane to Delhi. Four and half months later, I’m back. I didn’t keep a blog; instead I wrote on scraps of now battered paper.  India irrevocably changed me forever. It made me realise and learn l lot about myself and about the life I lead. That’s after all why I went; to ‘find myself’, which I did. (More about that at a later date.)

So here, this space, is going to be about evolution, not Darwinian evolution but my evolution. A mix of my global wandering from the past four years, as well as what is happening in my life as I wonder and wander the world. I will also, attempt to explain, how it is that it was India that changed my life.

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