i am a bird in need of a nest.

As much as I have adored the previous months living out of a rucksack, real life requires a more permanent stable arrangement. I’m lucky. I found a job quickly after returning to the UK, i thought I was lucky when i thought I had found a room, actually two rooms. However I was obviously not meant to be this lucky and a few days ago I found out that the room was not to be and unfortunately the second room had been miraculously let, 2 hours previously. I have spent the last few days trawling the internet to find a room and begging friends to let me stay on any available space until I find somewhere (which has itself been met with a rather interesting reception)

As luck would have it, I have found a potential longterm house with two amazing housemates (that’s a lie, one is amazing; one i’ve never met but have been told is amazing) Snag? It can’t happen until March. I need to find somewhere to live from January until then and so far it’s been an effing nightmare to say the least.

I normally swear by SpareRoom, however this is currently attracting adverts that require astronomic deposits and an MI5 grilling before you are even allowed through the front door, which to be honest I don’t have the energy for. Especially as there is a high chance of me abandoning the people I am forced to impress after 2 months. Instead I’ve been on Gumtree and decided the way forward is one of those horrendous ‘pop-up’ flats, as an intelligent friend so rightfully coined them. You know the type: rooms let out individually by a landlord; all bills included; no personality and no living room. However I have decided that this is actually the option I would prefer right now. The pages of gumtree are rife with these; there are lots of these options available in the area(s) i’m looking in. That is until you actually manage to contact the advertiser who then states that all the rooms are gone (all seven billion,within 2 minutes of posting said add) however he’s got lots available about 20 miles away. In Kent. Or better than that, they state ‘Move in immediately, first come first served’ Yet, they don’t supply a phone number, ignore the gumtree mails and leave me working on my telepathy skills.

4 days of emails later and I have obtained one appointment for tomorrow afternoon. It’s to live with a charming sounding guy who likes to surf. It sounds, actually quite ideal, however I know already i am one of about ten billion potentials he’s seeing this weekend.Despite being willing to make the epic and expensive trip from the middle of nowhere in Sussex to see the flat, I’m not going to be crossing my fingers however I may, possibly be praying silently to Ganesh or resorting to bribery should he not be a psycho.

As for sofa surfing, this seems to be the outcome of my emails/texts/phonecalls…

1. I have left and abandoned house shares so many times now that the people I stay with have got jealous of my care free, wandering life style, they’ve been doing the same job and living in the same house and don’t want someone still tanned from a month on a beach moving in. It reminds them that in the time I’ve been gone; they’ve achieved nothing.

2. Half of my friends have followed suit and left the country. Great for them, but I am now lacking several square meters of temporary floor space in London (yet a lot more globally, which could definitely help me in my decision of where to travel to next!)

3. My begging emails have been returned which such generous offers that I feel utterly blessed to have such amazing friends. And relieved I wont be living in a mouldy bedsit with crack addicts when I start my new job!

Things always work out. It just takes time. However the need for a nest is currently at the forefront of my thought; day and night. It also means I’m in a total state of flux in regards to making any plans or moving forwards with (soon to be explained) Project 13. When I think of the reason I’m in this situation, would I change it? Would I rather have the stability of my stressful, lacklustre job and 4 walls instead of my Indian experience? No chance, I mean life is for living, right?

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