i am one in ten billion

The flat I saw yesterday was perfect. I also saw two dire crackdens before hand. The guy was also as lovely in person as on the phone. A nice little chat and I headed into Covent Garden to swarm with the crowds. Before I left, he told me he hoped to have made a decision by Sunday lunchtime; to call around 1pm. I called at 1.05pm prepared for the worst. But my positive thoughts; gentle massaging of a bronze Ganesh and the crossed fingers of multiple friends and family meant that I was lucky. Out of the ten billion, I was the chosen one. And the relief makes me feel like i’ve automatically dropped ten dress sizes (unfortunately I haven’t).

It means the plans to move in with my friend in March are delayed until further in time. She’s based in the building opposite where I will be based for three years, i am there indefinitely so you never know what’s around the corner. Luckily for me she’s awesome and totally understands the crazy London housing situation!

The news at lunch time means I’ve spent the rest of the afternoon cracking on with my ‘New Year Cleanse’ aka creating further bags of recycling! It’s very therapeutic. This ‘cleansing’ of material possessions has happened quite regularly in the past two years; ever since returning from a year abroad. I am a total hoarder and I love ‘stuff’ but I get overwhelmed and realise I’m not able to appreciate the ‘stuff’ I own. Travelling India with a rucksack also helped gee me on, however as I mentioned previously, living out of a rucksack is not realistic for City living.

Another issue that spurs me on is that I am absolutely convinced that if I am not careful I will become a compulsive hoarder and I have to control this. It helps that there are lots of television programmes about hoarding available. I watch them and it helps me. I’m terrified I will end up a crazy woman in an old house full of ‘stuff’.

Moving is always a great time to do this cleanse also with a New Year it’s also a new start! The fact that I have to try and get all of my belongings into the back of a car is at the back of my mind! That wont happen. I know it wont. Mainly because I have ALOT of books. They will need one car journey to themselves at least. And books are something I can not bear to part with, understandably as many will know.

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