aka project 13

So the past months have made me think a lot about my priorities in life. Priorities that are mine yet those that intermingle within the world I live. Project Thirteen, my answer to the stereotypical New Years Resolutions stems from these thoughts. India was the first step and it has evolved into Project 13. 


I’m going to go into detail about what exactly Project 13 is going to involve but it’s derived from three prime areas and is focussed on three main elements.

Project 13’s title comes from thirteen being, unlike many others, my lucky number. Possibly because I was born on the 13th, Friday 13th January. Something which others find it amusing to hold against me but so far it has brought no real bad luck. The fact we are moving into 2013 thus makes me feel that this year is going to be MY year. Not that i’m going to sit back and wait for luck to come to me; i’m going to go out and make life happen in a way I have never done before. It’s very very easy to get distracted and roped in by situations and by people. This year that is not on my agenda. I’m going to be selfish. People will be lost along the way but that’s life. Change has to happen in order to move forward. The third reason is that in 10 days I’m 29, so this is the last year before i’m thirty. I’m not going to deny it, i’m terrified, petrified and feel a huge amount of pressure to have achieved certain things that I am nowhere close to achieving. What I have realised is I have achieved ALOT. Far more than many people. I need to celebrate what I have achieved and not dwell on what I haven’t. This pressure comes from everyone and everywhere. Constantly, without realising it and often in words unsaid rather than those said. 


Project 13 is going to focus on the challenge, maintenance and improvement of three main areas; Mind; Body and Soul. Each month will have a main ‘focus’, yet all elements will be incorporated. I’m going to start with the ‘stereotypical’ and make January ‘Body’. Although I’m going to allow myself to do something for the Soul before I focus on this and move into my new flat and start the new job. I’m also currently weighing up different projects. 


I’m really excited about this year. I really feel quite passionate about what I want to do. Granted, I probably sound like someone whose swallowed a self help book full of psychobabble. Well I have. Hundreds of the buggers (exact number to be shared later) and one thing i’ve learnt is not to care. People don’t like people who change; who live outside boxes and don’t follow stereotypical routes through life. It confuses them and ruins their own neatness; this always comes from all angles. Luckily in recent years I’ve met some people who live in a similar way to me; but more than often I’m surrounded by those who don’t. There is NOTHING WRONG with how people chose to live their life (actually there is when it comes to consumption of narcotics and alcohol and, sadly, this really hits home with friends and acquaintances the older you get) There is something wrong with the lack of respect given to those who choose to live it differently and prioritise different things. Do it however you want to. But remember for each of us there are always consequences and follow-ups and these aren’t always pleasant. 


So in essence; Project 13 is a year of getting out into the world and being me. Actually, it’s more of a continuation of what started in India, which is working out who I am and what I want to be. So, in that respect this blog will have the potential to be self indulgent as well as undoubtedly ruffling a few feathers. But it may just give somebody else some support or some ideas about what they want to do as well. Who knows?

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