sleeping with my eyes open.

I’m exhausted. And I have insomnia. Working again after nearly 6 months is killing me. Life is moving. I am not sure how I feel about everything at the moment, so it’s lucky that I am too tired to really feel anything. Being exhausted makes me incredibly cack handed. My brain has slowed down completely which means i’m dropping things, breaking things, tripping over things and have the inability to spell (which is crucial in my trade!) It’s very annoying. I’m hoping that I will be able to get some rest this weekend and regain control of my physical movements and mind!

Despite the messy end to several pieces of kitchenware, fragile items and nearly my entire flat (after some confusion over how to work the gas oven…) My learning is still curving up so I’m going to grip that positive with two scatty hands and wait…


Things I’ve learnt this week.

1.Never move house less than 24 hours before starting a job.

2. Always take coat hangers with you when you move. They are vital if you have a large amount of clothes. If you don’t you are likely alot of time sifting through piles of material searching for THAT particular jumper.

3. Living on the fifth floor, with ten flights of steps works wonders for your legs and thighs eventually. But initially it feels like your splitting your leg bones.

4. It is not possible to live on Cup-A-Soup, wasabi peas and Crabbies when you’re working 16 hour days. (Thank god for finding M&S)

5. Some kids go to school with a full pencil case.

6. It is very hard to choose between a bunny and a cat. They both have practical and non practical ‘features’. The contemplation goes on.

7. Nick Grimshaw clearly learnt his ‘trade’ by listening to Sara Cox, many moons ago. Radio 4 is the way forwards. Or 6Music.

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