…and breathe


A lot has happened during January 2013 and indeed the first week of February. Major changes have taken place and not all have gone so smoothly. I’m currently back in the centre of somewhat of a ‘life tornado’ however at it’s eye I am finding peace and a vague sense of tranquility at last. 


It’s always in times of struggle that true colours are shown, and when one is somewhat ‘colourblinded’ by sanity and reason it’s people that matter. I am discovering as much about people and becoming incredibly, wonderfully grateful for the support I have been receiving, in all manner of ways. It’s the little things that get you down, but the little things that pick you up. 


I have now changed some of my plans and projects, particularly those regarding my ‘career’. As I said previous, this year was about focusing on different parts of my self. it’s been barely six weeks and i’ve learnt more than some do in years, about myself and my life. February is going to be about one main thing, one of the reasons I even started to write a blog in the first place. It’s about creativity. It’s about writing. 

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