lights on the horizon

In the last month, the changes have been slight. I have been ebbing away at small projects in order to move forwards. Finally, the weather seems to have turned. It’s almost certain that the snow is behind us, we’ve been given the taste of warm sunny summer days however there is still a winter chill to the air that bites bitterly at every angle. Yet as I abandon my thick winter layers, the urge to frequent anywhere other than my homely cocoon becomes more desired. 


As much as I love to travel and explore and would quite happily spend the rest of my days with a rucksack, it’s not practical. Also I am drawn by home comforts; beautiful bedlinen, art, cushions, good lighting and the opportunity to make a meal from scratch or lounge on a sofa. The latter being on my personal ‘most missed list’ when traipsing around the globe. So when it’s freezing cold and wet i’d much rather be indoors  by home comforts than navigating the city to find myself scrunched in a sweaty bar, or numb fingered due to simply being out. However, in recent weeks I’ve woken up alot more. My appetite for art, culture, pubs, bars and random parties has been very much re-ignited. Late nights in the pub are much more of an appeal when you can almost guarantee the walk home will simply anger you for going out! 

As the weather slowly improves, so does my ability to look at life and to question and think. Although i’m still yet to make the ‘career side step’ I so long for, the energy I know have makes it easier to pursue smaller projects and to re-evaluate what I do have. I’m now in a far better phase to start actioning, instead of just planning – so essentially – watch this space!

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