honey to the bee

It’s with the husky lyrics of Billie was Piper, then Evans now Fox who used to be in those amazing ‘Smash Hits’ ads before launching an equally incredible pop music and acting career… (Her bio is a must, no joke) that I introduce up my new favourite beauty must have of Honey based products.

It was actually around a year ago that I first embraced Honey as not than an accompaniment to breakfast. I’d just escaped from an ashram in North India and jumped on the next available mode of transport to the next available destination. I’d spent three days in Manali, a tibetan enclave near the Himalayan border (I think??) I was attempting to ‘kill’ the 14 hours before my bus was due to depart (it ended up departing five hours late anyhow) I’d had a loooong breakfast, visited some ‘museums’ and ‘galleries’ and sat in a park for 3 hours getting swarmed by local Indians with cameras. I was in need of a refuge. Then I found ‘The Honey Hut’. I like Honey and they had free wifi so I headed inside. And thus began my obsession with honey. The Honey Hut was a western (American) style cafe with coffees, shakes, juices, sandwiches, salads and cakes as well as a ‘beauty corner’, the USP, as you’ve probably already guessed was that everything had honey in it as an extra ingredient. EVERYTHING.

After sampling the food and beverages… I then started sampling the beauty corner. I came away trying to jam a variety of extra purchases into my bulging rucksack. But it was worth it and I wish I’d bought larger sizes.

I spent the next couple of weeks ‘Honeyed up’. Cleanser, toner, moisturiser, scrub, body moisturiser, shampoo and conditioner. My skin felt amazing. But then it ran out. I have found equivalents through Dr Organic, however at around £7 per product minimum it’s costly. I was starting to wonder if pouring sainsburys own brand runny honey onto my hair and body would be the only option? Then Herbal Essences came to my rescue with their amazing new range of Bee Strong honey based hair care.

It’s not quite as amazing as the brand I used in India but it’s a brilliant on budget alternative. My hair feels clean, strong and healthy which considering my love of John Frieda’s Go Blonder Lightening spray (Haven’t dyed my hair since I discovered this baby, it’s incredible) and aversion to hairdressers is pretty damn impressive.

I do hope this means more honey products will start appearing on our shelves soon. I for one can’t wait!!!

P.S I was going to open this post with a reference to ‘Honey Honey’ by Abba but I decided that would be too annoying!!


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