i need a drink.

I have barely glimpsed daylight since before the clocks changed and all I’ve managed to do in the past couple of weeks is work and sleep, and I haven’t really been sleeping. Just working. Everything else gets forgotten until about 2pm on a Sunday afternoon, when after several litres of strong coffee I’m awake enough to think and this reassemble the domestic and social ground zero that is the past week of my life. As well as washing dishes, washing clothes, picking up the crap I’ve dumped all over my flat and trying to rectify friendships I’ve had to postpone yet again with apologetic misspelt voicemails and texts I then try to figure out how to fix one of the negative consequences of this lifestyle. My skin.

I’m lucky, I’m not a ‘spot prone’ girl (touch wood, or should they be emergency supply of tea tree oil?) what I’m currently prone to is extreme dry skin, skin that itches then flakes off. Not as bad as a skin irritation- no soreness thankfully but it definitely irritates. I’ve come to the conclusion that this has been caused by a combination of different reasons. Firstly, age. I’m 29 and the big 3-0 is now weeks away. I noticed my hands drying out a few months back and have resorted to thrice daily appliances of Garnier Intensive 7 Days nourishing hand cream to rectify the issue. That was when sleep was plentiful, stress was minimal and the weather was the broths equivalent of wonderful. Now that’s all changed and my whole body is quickly turning to dust. My skin needs a drink. A really strong one.

I need a moisturiser that will keep me soft and smooth whilst in this resultory nightmare situation. Not just a facial moisturiser but a body one as well. So far nothing has been up to par.

Firstly. I use Lush Ultrabland on my face and I was following that with an amazing product I bought in India called Biotique Saffron Dew facial cream. It was amazing. However it ran out and I can’t get hold of anymore until I go back and that plan has recently been derailed. On my body I was using pure coconut oil, also bulk bought in India and now used up. I could re buy it, however it’s not that practical for uk use as it solidifies at a reasonably high temp thus using it on cold british mornings, requires warming it in pots of hot water and for the time poor that’s not okay. I also used to use it on my face and hair as well when fresh out the shower before towel drying.

I then reverted to my previous love, Johnson’s baby oil, again used fresh out if the shower before towel drying on my face as well (not hair it’s too greasy) however, it is just too greasy for my quick morning changes and I used to end up with oil patches on my clothes.

I then moved to the next best option of Johnson’s body lotion, which was almost perfect until the weather dipped its temperature and now it’s just too light.

Since then I’ve tried Palmers Cocoa Butter but found the usability of the consistency to messy for morning use, Vaseline Deep Conditioning Cocoa Butter lotion (too light) Vaseline Deep Conditioning Cocoa Butter Gel (too sticky) Body Shop Love ETC Body Butter (too thick to apply and still leaves my skin feeling dry) as well as two pots of random sun cream decanted when in India. I’ve also plastered half a tube of the aforementioned hand cream over my body, partly because I was desperate and partly because it smells of peaches, but to no avail.

I’m currently using Sainsbury’s own brand cocoa butter because it’s super cheap and if I use ALOT it kind of does the job, however I’m going 400ml a week!!!

The dry skin doesn’t just link to my body, but also my face… And unlike my body I try and use more organic based products which are harder to get hold of and considerably more expensive. The Boots 81% Organic range was having an offer a few weeks back and I picked up a tub of day cream and beauty balm (the balm considerably smaller in tub size) The day cream. Nothing. The beauty balm however just about works. If I use a decent amount (tiny tub, I’m clearly supposed to be using far less) however it leaves my skin so greasy (yet intensley moisturised) I’ve had to buy a primer to layer over the top of it to stop my make up sliding odd, which then dries my skin out and defeats the purpose!!!

Now if money was no option, I could quite easily nip out and just buy a range of alternatives until I find the ‘right’ types. However it is, so I can’t.

If anyone can help out with some budget friendly options then myself and my sad dry skin will be most happy.

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