mmm & s(cent)

A few weeks back I was shopping on Oxford Street with my Mum and we found ourselves in Marks and Spencer’s. The classic british supplier that once provided every element of my childhood wardrobe now features more prominently in my fridge, and occasionally my lingerie drawer. Alas, M&S realised that there fashion had fallen out of favour a while back however this seems to be the year it’s all come together. The fact that there pastel woollen coats sold out in minutes evidences quite clearly that carrying one of their classic green bags is due to be back on trend.

I got quite excited by a lot of their stock, mostly because TopShop are selling similar pieces a couple of doors down for four times the price and four times the quality, however restrained myself to one slightly faux burberry esque shirt in a cherry read with white hearts. I have yet to see anyone else on the tube wearing it and have received a mass of compliments whenever I’ve worn it. And the best thing? As well as it being good quality and pretty to look at, it cost a mere £25.

After pining for half of their bag collection I stumbled into some kind of men’s accessories lair and became completely mesmerised by the fragranced air. Mesmerised turned to obsession after sampling what turned out to be Crabtree and Evelyn’s West Indian Lime Cologne. OMG. Everything I wanted in a winter fragrance… Freshly intensely invigorating with deep tones. But it’s cologne?

Despite leaving the shop with only the shirt the smell lingered on in a really good way until a few days back I bit the bullet and ordered some from the web.

OMG it’s just as amazing. The one thing I’m struggling to understand and handle is the fact it’s a cologne.. Meaning the texture is bizarrely completely different to that of perfume. I’m sure there’s a logical reason why and I could google it but I haven’t (yet) it’s just strange getting used to it… It’s a dryness, a flatness that perfumes just don’t have and I think it may even be linked with the spritzer nozzle thing as opposed to the actual consistency of the liquid. But anyhow. It’s an amazing scent and although some of my more ‘sweet nosed’ friends have been a little hesitant, they appreciate it. Plus they are used to a more masculine smell on me due to my affinity toward Gilette Gel Stick deodorant, but that’s another post….

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