pack a ponche


After recently spending large chunks of time in India and Asia I’ve now become somewhat intent on a trip to South/Central America, in particular Mexico. The country has always been on my agenda, there’s something so exotically gritty and glamorous that makes it so appealing and ever since becoming more aware of ‘The Day of the Dead’ thanks to a brilliant documentary, a variety of exhibitions and a recent trip to La Chouza in Brighton I’m literally obsessed!! Combine this dream with my love of orange scented anything (my baths are always scented my orange oil) and there’s no misunderstanding of why I’ve fallen hook line and umm piñata for Lush’s new Shower Gel ‘Ponche’. Designed to inspire a Mexican Christmas it’s heavily orange scented and laced with a Tequila meaning it provides you with a pretty epic wake up call in your morning shower! It smells how you would imagine Mexico in your dreams and gives you the invigorating fresh and heady hint you would hope a trip would give you. The only downside is that the fragrance doesn’t quite linger as much as I’d like it to, however apparently Lush have also produced a limited edition perfume to match! The best thing about Lush shower gels is that unlike other brands they double up as brilliant bath scents as well!! My dreams of Mexico need to wait a bit longer but this Christmas Ponche will allow me to lie back and imagine those long hot tequila induced nights and forget about the grey skies of London!!

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