the future is just now, but later

At the start of the year people always find a lot of strength in looking towards the future, which can sometimes be a dangerous game. Forever planning for the future, thinking about the future is something I regularly get caught up in. Days drift into weeks, into months when your mind is on the future. You forget the present. And, you often forget the past.

So as I follow suit in the thoughts of others I am looking back at my past success’ in reflection of a year that bore few. Looking back at where I was the strongest, the happiest and really living and thinking about how I can truly use life’s lessons to ‘move on’. What I’m starting to realise is that maybe a few steps back are needed for me to move on in the way I want to. Maybe, I need to forget what others are saying about settling. This was my year of staying put and I’ve hated it. So, I’m back to the drawing board if life trying to work out where the best place for me to be is right now. I’m pretty certain it’s not where I am.

Until then I’ll be reading: Wild by Jay Griffiths

Quote: Russell Brand, apparently.
Image: self of Le Lapin Lilas


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