and fashion is not only about clothes – it’s about all kinds of change.


If you pay any attention to fashion; then Bari born ADR will most definitely be on your radar. The woman Helmut Newton described as a ‘fashion maniac’ seems to be the most photographed figure in fashion thanks to the over the top flamboyant menagerie of fabric she adorns herself in – the pieces designers produce and you admire wholeheartedly their beauty, innovation and exquisite construction yet can’t quite wonder on what occasion they could ever be worn apart from a. In a fashion shoot or b. down a catwalk, well those are the pieces the Vogue sensation will be sporting whilst she poses for the cameras on the corner of a cobbled Milan street.

Anna Dello Russo has the excuse all of us want thanks to her Vogue Heritage. She is a member of the FROW elite who manages to carry off every outfit with class, elegance and grace, how? Confidence. Confidence and presumably love. Her style exudes her love of fashion.. A bystander need not know who she is but would immediately understand her role within the industry, thanks to her carefully created still life fabric, colour and cut.

For me, Anna is the epitome of fashion. She is the one we should aspire to be in attitude alone.

Quote:Karl Lagerfeld
Image: Stolen from the Internet and edited

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