i am full of light, i am full of wonder

This month Elle have heightened the ceiling on the brilliance of ‘free gifts’, with the inclusion of the exclusive new Percy and Reed product ‘Wonder Balm’. For someone who treated her hair appallingly for over a decade, I’m now trying a softer approach. I continue to (eek) shampoo everyday because without doing so I end up with fluffy mass of knots. What I do post shampoo varies. In the past three years of experimented with a wide variety of products including Moroccan Oil, Coconut Oil, Organix Macadamia Nut Dry Oil and a huge range of serums. But nothing has worked ‘exactly’ as I want it. UNTIL NOW!

According to the back of the tube Wonder Balm is “A miracle leave in balm, to be exact, which helps give you (deep breath): moisture, shine, smoothness, definition, softness, light hold, high humidity protection and manageability.” Whilst I am yet to test it against high humidity, it’s doing everything else it says it does! Amazing. It means I can towel dry my hair, run through some product and be confident that it will dry naturally in a manner that wont make me resemble a homeless person or poodle. The definition is the key, so many products don’t do that! Yes they make your hair FEEL wonderful, however it looks decidedly flat and requires further product involvement to liven it up. As well as working when I dry my hair naturally, it’s features almost magnify when heat is applied. On the few occasions I’ve used the balm and followed with a blow dry and straighten my hair has looked decidedly salon fresh (ignoring the split ends) For me, I have a strong feeling Wonder Balm is going to be a new staple product, which says something for me as I have a tendency to change all my products on a semi-regular basis. Time will tell.


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