i travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.

An end of an era, the longest time I have lived anywhere for over a decade. 14 months. 14 months of emotional ups and downs, career ups and downs and a lot of change. But now I leave SE in favour of E8 and a new start. One that includes a plethora of public transport options and no more critical opinions of my choice of residence. Just like leaving the country and exploring new cultures is something I love. So is moving house. From halls of residence, to houses to flats – I find a new home in a new area and attempt to embrace it as I would a country. Taking in its culture and adopting habits that appear from nowhere, often bare little resemblance to circumstance and halt as soon as I move. From bubble gum scented shower gel in New Cross through to tinned octopus in Blackheath and everything in between. So far I’ve mostly been a South London girl, often through circumstance than choice. University, jobs, friends… a brief spell in Tower Hamlets led me to resolve that East London was not for me. Hackney I hope is.

This however has been the most fraught house search ever. I’ve been entirely shocked by the hike in rental prices and the appalling range of places on offer. It’s taken three weeks of trekking around the winding roads and dark streets of Zone 2 to be faces with mouldy box rooms and a flat crammed with excess tenants. However luckily my ‘room wanted’ advert garnered a response and I’m packed up and off to Hackney, to live in a house(!!) with a seemingly brilliant collection of individuals. Not only is the house within my budget it has great transport links and is a hub of culture, coffee and general joy. I can not wait to get involved

Quote: Robert Louis Stevenson
Image: Self


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