in good company @ beyond retro


A couple of weeks back I head to Beyond Retro on Brick Lane, courtesy of Company Magazine. As part of last months East London themed issue they organised a variety of fashion and beauty events which included cocktails and a promo bag. A big fan of Beyond Retro anyway, I headed down with a friend, where we indulged in several Brewdog cocktails and I did my best not to purchase a gold lame playsuit. I did however buy this gold clip. For some reason that night I was obsessed with gold! Luckily for me, and unluckily for everyone else I was totally skint at the time and was unable to do a big shop, but as Beyond Retro Stoke Newington is minuted away I’ll undoubtedly be popping up there when my cheque clears to update my spring wardrobe.

I still semi regret not buying the gold lame playsuit, but I literally would never have worn it. Ever. Unless i’d bought the red jacket as well, then maybe I would…


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