fast fashion

Everyone knew Jeremy Scott’s debut collection was going to be incredible. But it was just more than could have been imagined. I’m obsessed but the fast food fashion fusion and what excites me more is that it’s already filtering down to the high street in a variety of chic and naff guises… And there is a fine line between.

Although I remain fully in awe of the designer and their craft it’s highly doubtful that my bank balance is ever going to allow me to invest in the designers I love, I live in hope. So as much as I know it irks all and sundry when the high street replicates the catwalk. It’s the only way consumers like me can afford it. Whilst I would never touch the sponge bob decorated pieces, whether they be Moschino or Matalan I love the Maccy D’s ironic inspiration. It’s so tongue in cheek and controversial whilst remaining key to both Scott and to Moschino. I for one am hoping a certain store is going to start mass producing sunglasses akin to those Golden Arches and if they do, I’ll definitely be wearing them, in homage not to just my love of fashion but my also my love of fast-food.


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