six months on…


When you make BIG decisions it can be both amazing, terrifying and horrendous all at the same time. When i decided to abandon my job in favour of a better life I was pretty damn terrified and knew that the next months would be a rollercoaster ride of ups, downs and all the curves in between. Whilst 2014 started in a brilliantly positive ‘om my god the stars are aligning’ semi state, it wasn’t long before the clouds appeared and all that false hope began to shatter. Although luckily for me it didn’t actually shatter. I clung on, stood my ground and have now found myself in a much more positive position and knowing more than ever that my life decisions, almost all of them, have been right.

The last six months have brought with them reflection in bucket loads, often intense and ill-timed however reflection can only be beneficial in my eyes, as long as you don’t ‘dwell’. The changes I’ve made intentionally and unintentionally have all come from these moments. Departing not just my job but my career, cutting the lease on my house, and taking a job which cut my salary so much i could barely pay my rent however now as my life is beginning to show some small elements of ‘structure’ and ‘normality’, i’m both reassured and grateful that i trusted, yet again, my instinct.

Six months earlier I wanted and needed my life to change, six months later I have done that. My ‘career path’ is now visible if not made of permanent fancy stones, yet still flexible. My house is slowly becoming homely and with time on my hands i’m able to spend time doing the things I love and planning new endeavours to explore things I could love. It’s exciting, it’s still scary and still could be potentially and imminently horrendous but it’s definitely right.

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