because wasabi is not just good on sushi


The zing of wasabi in your mouth is so powerfully physically awakening that when I saw this Garnier product I knew I had to give it a try. I love scrubs, I love wasabi and I spent a year in awe of asian beauty products. Whilst this is not an asian beauty product, the inclusion of wasabi leans it in that direction. Unfortunately the strongest element appears to be the bright green packaging. I thought maybe the zing would grow, eventually that one day I’d get that powerful shot of freshness and that eye watering nature of wasabi in the mouth would make my face tingle. When I realised that I was eeeking the final bits from the tube I also realised that the only wasabiness of this scrub is in the name. Some things are better as an idea and whilst snaps for Garnier for testing it, as a company they just don’t give their products enough of a kick for it to work out well… I say this as I bought the Garnier charcoal scrub at the same time which was also equally sad to use. Oh well, you live you learn and I am hoping one day will create the wasabi scrub I am now lusting after.

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