‘the one’

Lush Cosmetics have been an essential element of my beauty routine for almost two decades, ever since I walked past their Brighton store when I was around 12. I became a greater fan after they published one of my illustrations as part of a competition! (I can’t remember which product I illustrated only that it was mine and not my ‘artist’ sisters whose was chosen!)

The first firm favourite I found was, the now discontinued, ‘Ibiza Party Shampoo’. it fit with my persona as a fifteen year old wannabe club kid (I listened to Felix Da Housecat very loudly in my bedroom and dreamed of being featured in Mixmag, te never went clubbing) I couldn’t go to Ibiza, my parents were not that sort, however I could create Ibiza in my bathroom every morning. As well as helping me live out my teenage dreams, it did wonders to my hair and I have (almost) never found anything that good!

Since those early Ibiza filled mornings I have tried and tested not only a whole range of shampoos but also a whole range of Lush products…

Then Snow Fairy came along. With its bubblegum pink colour and bubblegum pink scent I knew we were going to be firm friends. Eternally gutted it’s a ‘Christmas special’ every festive season I attempt to stock up and every year I run out way before Spring has sprung. My dedication to Snow Fairy has gone to great lengths thanks to my partiality for long haul travel. Thank god Lush is international! When I was living in South Korea I dragged my friends on a four hour round trip to purchase an incredibly over priced bottle (we were desperate for any sign if a British Christmas and for me that means Snow Fairy) and in India, I detoured via Calcutta just to pick up Snow Fairy and some other essentials mid way through my travels.

But it’s Ultrabland that is my favourite, my go to to, my absolute winner- the ‘one’

I love cleansing products, I’m a faithful ‘double cleanser’ and have tried and tested hundreds of products in the past two decades. As a double cleanser (I cleanse twice, first with an exfoliant that i wash off and then with a second I leave on, rub in etc) even now I’ve found Ultrabland I still double cleanse, although I don’t necessarily need to, it’s more a luxury and if my skin doesn’t behave then everything else is cut out apart from this somewhat magical elixir.

Ultrabland does everything: it’s smooth,soft, strong enough to shift makeup, face paint and the daily gunk of life without any damage or relapse… And it still leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth without that itchy tight feeling which pushes you to layer on the nearest moisturiser. For me, 8 months of the year I never use a daily moisturiser. I occasionally layer on some in the evening but a lot of the times my skin doesn’t need it. The other four months I really do and have battled to find a product suitable for years (I wrote this last year about my moisturising woes)

The biggest test I have Ultrabland was my trip to India. I didn’t have the space to carry a mass of beauty products alongside all the books so I left the country with Ultrabland, Avon’s skin so soft and a bottle of Boots’ soltan and didn’t regret a second. Thanks to the magical array of skincare available in India and prevalence of brands including ‘Himalaya’ and ‘Biotique’ I did come back with a hefty stash of products, (I can’t wait to re-stock come February) but I still stuck to the original which kept my skin together despite everything that came at it from temperature changes, pollution, sleep less ness and some pretty intense emotional ups and downs- all things that normally have an impact of some sorts on my face. But nope. It remained in tact; not even a blemish… Just growing golden in the sun! So yes vitamin D may have had some assistance.

But when I came back to London, where my life was boxed up in a cupboard in Sussex, I had no job and no real plans and a lot of worry and I carried on using Ultrabland throughout the sunless rainy and grey british weather, my skin stayed in tact. And in the two years since? Despite everything else being utterly unstable Ultrabland still stays strong. And despite now knowing that if your house burns down that you can’t actually save anything except yourself, I would, if safe, save my pot of Ultrabland.

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