flying dreams mean that you’re doing the right thing with your life

Between Delhi and London

Between Delhi and London

There are few things I love more than surfing skyscanner and that’s using it for it’s actual purpose of sourcing and booking flights. After two years of starring at it and planning and contemplating and despairing and crying in painful first world pains of frustration, in December I was finally able to use it for it’s actually purpose and booked a return flight back to India and grinned like a cheshire cat for around two weeks. Until the dreaded visa appointment debacle. At some point, I may write a tip sheet in Indian visa aquirement, however whilst being a single blonde female is not ideal when in the country, it’s ideal when trying to get a visa. Especially when best laid plans go awry and force tears to start streaming down your face at five past eight and your vocal chords starting emitting a noise resembling a dying orca whale. I think I may now maybe have a visa soon. I keep getting texts telling informing me of my visa journey, and whilst they are currently joyful, i do wonder what will happen if anything goes wrong. Maybe it will be like a smear test when the NHS text gives you a phone number as opposed to the word clear, or the worst kind of breakup text. Everythings crossed and my stomach has tied itself in knots. Literally. No need for an enforced bikini diet here! I should by flying in 3 weeks. I should be. I should know in around 3 days if I am flying in 3 weeks.

Quote: Douglas Coupland
Picture: Me

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