i am the danger

Rio Bravo by Brock flickr

I’ve spent the last 4 weeks living in Albuquerque. A low lying bungalow, hot desert air, cacti, houses with pools, chicken shops, tequila, guns, fights, wads of cash, crystal meth. Okay I lied. I wish I had been in Albuquerque with maybe the heat, the pools and the cash but I’m not sure about the rest. But immersing yourself in a boxset, in any boxset, in my case Breaking Bad can feel like a trip, and is indeed ideal escapism for when you can’t leave the house or the country. I certainly felt like I was there, with Walt, Jesse, Hank, Gus Fring and the rest after managing to clock up 17 50 minute episodes in a day… when I walked into the street and was confronted with cold rainy east london and dixy’s chicken as opposed to hot dusty concrete cacti and Los Pollos Hermanos it did take me a while to remember I wasn’t actually in New Mexico.

The beauty of the binge watch, of any programme whether it be BB, GoT, SoA or even The Simple Life as I was once known to do, is that you can truly forget your life and reality without having to go through the hassle of leaving reality. Choose a series that’s complete and you wont have to go through the anxiety of ‘what’s going to happen next’ and just let yourself sink into it; be in it; forget everything else but it.

Whilst some of what I say may not be regarded as particularly healthy at the time, obsessive maybe particularly when your choosing to find out if Jesse relapses in favour of eating, sleeping of washing,but sometimes your health needs nourishment. It needs that time to recuperate without ruffling too many practical feathers. So need to escape but can’t? This, in my non medical professional opinion, is exactly what the doctor ordered. Plus Netflix will love you.

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