the limit does not exist

We spend the majority of time at work, thus fostering positive working relationships is crucial but what happens when those lines become blurred? Film and TV is crammed with storylines featuring office romances going pearshaped and those that cause havoc to the people around them. But is it the lovers who are dangerous or the bffs? Making business decisions can be tough at the best of times but become tougher when trying to discuss critical and crucial content with the bestie you’ve known since you were 9. Undoubtedly businesses show us that this can be positive… Don’t they?  Being someone who has worked with besties in numerous roles, it’s been rare that this has turned out in a positive manner… More often corners are cut, compromises are made and friendship has always taken precedent over business sense, quite often with directly negative outcomes. Even when people join their friends to work together whatever the business, whilst the early days of enthusiasn can be broken through with sheer grit, when it comes to time of greater responsibility (and profit potential) even the formerly strong personal relationships can flounder… I mean take Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook as just one example of when friendship and business collide. However it doesn’t solve the issue of what do you do, well maybe it does… clearly when it comes down to it one of them has to suffer, but it’s up to you which you choose? Professional integrity or post work wine on the Southbank?

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