o, sunlight! the most precious gold to be found on earth.

Coldplay Yellow
I’m already a day late. After working two inspirational evening courses last week I decided that for July, I would blog everyday. I was organised. I planned possible blog posts in case life lacked inspiration, just in case, so I could keep the 31 days of blogging momentum going.

And then the heat came; London turned into a perspirating angry ball of drunken chaos and I forgot it was now actually July. I sweated to work, I sweated at work, we complained as expected about it being hot and how in winter the air filtration system is able to blast freezing air into a room already at minus levels, on officially the hottest day of the year that smashed weather recording equipment it remains dormant. Then we found out it was broken. Then we found out that the place where they have all the important electrical stuff was too hot so we got sent home.

2 buses and 2 hours of more sweating on a tour of most of the eastern regions of the city, so I could view a flat I’m moving into, I got home and passed out sweating on my bed. The desire to remain naked and stable meant I scoured the net, watched the recommended and thoroughly brilliant Zawe Ashton in the brilliantly awkward ‘Not safe for work’ (thanks channel 4) and Mulan. Because I got told I HAD to watch it by my manager. Then I vaguely fell asleep. On/off for about 6 hours. Now I’m here on yet another bus, relieved it’s nolonger peaking at around 35 degrees and remembering I was supposed to start blogging yesterday… And forgot. Full circle, but hey atleast I’ve started. 
quote: Roman Payne
image: Coldplay ‘Yellow’ @ Emirates Stadium

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