wahaca me good


I am a little obsessed with mexican food. I don’t mean ‘proper’ mexican food. Or I don’t think I do; that is something I can confirm once I’ve been to Mexico and eaten the food. I mean the americanised version that has swarmed the UK; Benito’s hat, Chilango, Chipotle and what is probably the most authentic mexican of all; Wahaca.

Wahaca is essentially the commercial child of Thomasina Miers; born from her love and travels of Mexico and it’s food and brought to reality when she won Masterchef. It’s been a favourite for a while and I try and go there at every opportunity; i’ve taken various friends and family members to a number of branches (Covent Garden being the worst for service) and explored the varied and exciting street food menu. Despite being a lover of all things new when it comes to food, (in the Southbank restaurant I persuaded my Dad into ordering something with crickets) I always develop a favourites and the Pork Pibil tacos, (and obviously the guacamole) are it.

So yesterday evening, catching up with a friend for a life rant/pep talk and pre neurology appointment nerve quashing, we headed to Wahaca and drank cheap house wine and I munched on my favourite dish. Despite both of us being constantly broke, Wahaca can also be relatively kind to the purse IF you are careful. Or if not kind then definitely not brutal! But whatever the financial cost, (and this may be my own self justification) the emotional cost for me of eating good food will always win. Having the same depressing chats over a bowl of lentils just wouldn’t have the same impact. And it did work; despite having had a pretty rubbish few weeks; the trio of tacos meant i was gee’d up and feeling positive about the future and what the neurologist might say. I’ll probably regret it in a weeks time when I am back to a diet of tomato soup and broad beans but for me, if not everyone, a nice meal, however cheap and cheerful is always a massive mood lifter and at the moment mexican is almost like winning the lottery; a small win – I definitely wouldn’t compare the tacos to a £1000000!

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