hangry eyes…

(Abokado lunchtimes)

I love food. I can also hate food. I suffer from various intolerances alongside IBS. This means as well as my body reacting poorly to wheat, yeast, dairy and eggs, sometimes it reacts badly to all food. Also quantity matters. A little bit of Mayo, a sprinkle of feta is needed in my diet to keep my intolerances from reaching catastrophic heights but a white bread egg sandwich or plate of macaroni cheese and I’ll be sweating and suffering from burning cramps in minutes.

(Pork belly Yum Bun from Street Feast Dalston)

Add into the mix an incredibly grim episode of food poisoning after eating chicken in India and I’m a tricky customer when it comes to the average British menu. However I love food. I like different flavours, textures and ideally a a plate that combines the lot! despite the multiple intolerances it’s a suprisingly easy combination to achieve without a huge amount of extra effort or thought.

(An excellent food day at work)

You would think my love of food would translate to some vague expertise in the kitchen, but no. Instead it has lead to a bank account bleeding love of various takeaways and restaurants in London and at present I am utterly spoilt for choice with a huge range of options surrounding both work and home! (Which is also one of the reasons I’m having to move) Asian food with it’s lack of dairy and love of fish is my ideal diet. Add a smattering of Indian, which is also cooked and prepared with an awareness of religious beliefs, and both me and my digestive system are transported to happyville. But raw fish is suprisingly expensive and whilst it would almost be a dream to eat sushi every day it really isn’t possible. Also i know I’d get bored. It’s just who I am! More importantly, I get hungry. Really hungry. And with my hunger I get, you guessed it angry. To be honest hangry doesn’t even cover it.

(Tai Chi steamed dumplings from Shanghai, Kingsland Road)

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