you couture be kidding me?*

Am I the only person to have a secret Wedding White dress/outfit board on Pinterest? I mean that’s not weird, right? For a very single girl just to have a secret online hoard of beautiful dresses for future inspiration, just in case? Well, I guess it’s existence isn’t a secret anymore…

Photo: Yannis Vlamos / VIA

Photo: Yannis Vlamos / VIA

ANYHOW one that will NEVER feature on it is this rather ludicrous (Am I ALLOWED to say that?) finale outfit of the Fall 2015 Chanel Couture show. I KNOW it’s couture, but REALLY??? The suit by itself? Bearable, the ‘what looks like part of a tutu underskirt stuck to the shoulder?Awkward. The hair? Just NO. I love love love Chanel and parts of me is trying desperately to understand this whole concept but I just really… NO.

Photo: Photo: Yannis Vlamos / VIA
*I’m truly sorry for the terrible pun, it’s late, I’ve worked for 12 hours, sat on buses for 2 and I’m TRYING to keep up this self inflicted blog challenge but most of what I’m blogging remains ‘Private’…

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