fighting off 14 year olds

I love clothes. And i like variety. I’m also generally broke and on a tight budget. As much as I dream of a wardrobe stuffed with Alexander Wang and Rick Owens, Miu Miu and Chanel or McQueen and Westwood, in reality unless I marry a rich man with a never ending credit card, win the lottery despite never playing or find myself a job where I can get it all gifted I came to the conclusion a while ago that it’s not likely to happen. Okay, i could ‘save’ for key pieces but that’s not me. I like variety in clothes as much as I like clothes and this the high street is definitely my stomping ground and despite being above the age of their target audience; i’m an absolute asos whore.

Anything glittery, sparkley, neon, or animal print and I’m there. I also love a bit of faux fluff or indeed some cheeky pleather. Whilst I detest looking through vintage clothes that smell of other people’s stake sweat, i’m more than happy to spend hours scouring the corner rails of h&m, forever 21 and primary, fighting off 14 year olds and trying to find the one piece that I love. The piece that everyone else has either shunned or not managed to find. Or wouldn’t wear because they are 31 and still single. 

Yet more often than not the compliments I get outweigh the fact I should look like a teen. Random people who I’ll never see again stopping me in the street. Priceless faces when I tell people where they particular dress was from. And how much it wasn’t. Okay the downside is that washing these clothes more often than not causes some mega shrinkage but still! The same happens when I but ‘adult’ clothes for 4 times the price. So for anyone listening, I definitely wouldn’t turn down designer but my only option is the high street so I’ll damn well make the most of it!

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