ahoy there Alice

The first time I saw this I though of Alice. As in Alice in Wonderland, if Alice had gone to the dark side then this is what she would wear… if she’d crossed fairytales and stories and started an affair with Captain Hook.

look 2 jpg fall15

Jean Paul Gaultier appears to have remained wholly faithful to the whimsical fairytale nature that surround his pieces alongside the nautical elements that are so idiosyncratic to his collections. The only thing missing from the below is a headscarf, wrapped around the head underneath the hat and gold earrings..

Look 3 JPG Fall15

This is the morning after, Alice in her stripes with her hair down and Hook’s fur to wrap around her during the walk of shame. As much as it’s a fairtytale; it’s got it’s darkside. The entirety of the JPG Fall couture show I believe is indeed the tale of JPG itself, the above Looks 1 & 2 reference those initial days sailing the seas of high fashion before becoming more established with the heavy draping, velvet, embroidery and fur. All in all i think it’s pretty brilliant and I can’t imagine anything more I’d rather wear if partaking in the aforementioned walk of shame. Or if I was on a boat.

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