sparklemotion’s Tim Blanks describes Maison Margiela as the house providing ‘the fire from which the Galliano phoenix will rise reborn’ and if this skirt of pure sparkle and fluff and mermaid brilliance is anything to go by then that Galliano phoenix has come along way from that awkwardly sad moment in a french restaurant that we no longer talk about… SO LOOK AT THE SKIRT!

look 8 margiela

If I could own one piece from his Fall 15 couture collection for MM, then this skirt would be it. Although I probably wouldn’t team it with the jacket but something, else, if for instance I was in the position to wear said skirt to any occasion, ever, which i’m not. But nor could I afford it anyhow (IT’S PARRISIEN COUTURE BY GALLIANO!)

Anyhow, it’s far more exciting and well as Iggy says, ‘fancy’ than the rest of the 26 looks, of which look 18 has been the one most touted in the press, you know the one I mean? Coat like a sack with some sequins – Barbora Bruskova with some crazy headpiece and amazing shiny blue mask? It makes the mermaid skirt scenario look positively boring, however I wouldn’t even say no to the sack dress! It’s wearable and if you discount the fragile sequinned embroidery, potentially durable? It could even work with the mermaid skirt…

look 18 margiela

Back to high street reality, and to the reality that is John being definitely back… it’s amazing, he’s amazing and whilst I hope next time there’s even more eccentricity and jewels and veils and decadence I can see why he’s kept things minimal. Although in some cases, maybe a bit TOO minimal…

look 25 margiela

I much prefer the sparkle. And it makes me want to tap dance

Words: Donnie Darko

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