the magic of mushrooms 

I love mushrooms. SO much. All mushrooms, any shapes, sizes and breeds..? Anyhow you get the idea. Never trust someone who doesn’t like mushrooms is almost my motto (I have, they lied, I should learn AND i’ve probably just alienated half my social circle as I haven’t realised they don’t like mushrooms….complicated)

Anyhow back to mushrooms. A well cooked, and I don’t mean overcooked and burnt, mushroom is god’s gift in my eyes.  Luckily the chefs at work are pretty natty and doing some great midweek mushroom based salads however after an initial few weekends of rotten food, the weekend chef surpassed himself today with lumionous and sparkly flying colours. I was so impressed, I was tempted to spend the afternoon making him a ‘Mushroom king badge’, but I couldn’t, I was ‘working’ after all. I did compliment him, and he smiled, and he let me take some home in a box for later. WIN.

What made them great:

Flavour: slightly curried but not overbearing

Size: chunky hunks not over thinned

Amount: He made loads and mixed them with wilted spinach.

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