you make me blush in (rose) gold

When all your make up loving friends and associates are raving about high end up brands it’s easy for a broke girl to cave and spend their monthly travel allowance at the Mac counter. But when you earn just enough to not claim benefits, spending in Benefit is just not a wise idea. However bad skin is one of the most visible signs of poverty; acne, sallow tones and hollow cheeks combined look great on nobody, in contrast a nice smattering of concealer on worldly tired eye bags and a hint of colour across the cheeks can hide the fact you have 70p in your purse and are living in a diet of broad beans and rice!

So instead of heading towards my favourite brands, I thought i would try and block out my love of beautiful packaging and ‘cool brands’ in favour of the colour I actually wanted! Logical, no? But I don’t deny that I am a lover of aesthetics however in this case the aesthetics of my cheeks won out. So browsing the make up racks of my local ‘drug store’ I branched out into brands I would normally not bat an eyelid out and fell in love with the above rose gold compact from ‘Sleek‘. It ticked several other boxes on my checklist –  besides the colour. Firstly it was under £5, secondly it had a decent sized surface area enabling me to be able to ‘sweep’ my brush across it (i get really annoyed with the small ‘blocks’, yes even Benefits! Thirdly and finally and most importantly the packaging was pretty demure, and dare i say it sleek… matte black with the logo subtly embossed, so that at a distance (and in deed when open) it does look rather Mac-ish! I was so hooked I broke the first rule of budget spending and also bought this, which I still have yet to use. Oops. I’m semi regretting it now when I’m back eating broad beans and rice, or to be accurate couscous and pickles!

Back to the blush, one of the best things about cheap make-up is that alot of the time the pigmentation and essentially the quality is weak – which i often find actually works to my favour as less pigmentation, means less powder on your brush and a weaker colour, so you no longer have to suffer from over swept chunks of awkward colour on your face that you then have to spend an age trying to remove! WIN


This isn’t the only beauty budget winner I’ve found in the past 12 months, I haven’t yet told you about the brilliant Boots 17 Phwoarr paint yet have I?

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