no time for cute furry flappers in my life anymore…

So the last couple of weeks have been frustratingly thumb twiddling…. I have been mostly looking at cute things like this dude….

Baby penguin flapping

skirts like this one from ASOS

rose gold skirt via asos

Or rather unlike me, shoes like this…

trekking boots

Obviously I have also been working, it’s just i appear to have had a lighter load…

Getting more work is not everyones cup of tea, most people would love to decrease their work load. There are two sides of the spectrum – Being overworked and stressed and being underworked and bored. It’s more than boredom, it actually affects your self worth. 

Awkwardly, several of my recent projects are work based , I was so in shock I was actually being given something to be wholly responsive for, actually has some relevance, that my actual enthusiasm didn’t stream across my face like it normally does. My face was just in shock mode. And whilst they are collaborative and they need to be – i’m actually excited about the fact next week will be busy!

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