This is my dream house.

Rock Restaurant Zanzibar

Well I think it is. It’s actually a restaurant in Zanzibar, and bizarrely at some post work misery drinks I met someone ridiculously tanned for mid winter England and they had just come back from Zanzibar and had spent significant amount of time at this restaurant. Moving on swiftly, I am moving house. Whilst it is unfortunately not to my dream house, it is an actual dream to be moving. (I say this now, ask me in 5 weeks)

I’ve stayed put in recent years. It’s an age thing, as well as a money thing; moving house is just a hassle. Up until recently, I hadn’t lived anywhere for longer than a year since I was 18 and most of those houses had been for less than a year. The house before this one, had been 14 months, this one will be 17 months by the time I escape. I have yet to tell my landlord or my housemates; mainly because I haven’t had time to take photos of my room, but I’m not too worried. Plus i’m on a didgy contract thats not a contract and my landlord doesn’t hold a deposit. So i’m moving YAY! In my with a super amazing friend who I have almost lived with before BIGGER YAY! and there are many more things to also say yay about, BUT there’s another thing. The room is smaller and there is limited (no) storage. I have ALOT of stuff. So as well as re-reading Marie Kondo, I am also reading James Wallman’s ‘Stuffocation’ and watching ALOT of hoarding programs. I’m doing biweekly clearouts and now i’ve semi hit a stumbling block.

This morning, instead of reading the book, thinking about writing this and actually doing the current writing, i’ve also been on Pinterest searching ‘Small spaces’ to try and find genius ideas on how to store things and make things work in small spaces. I didn’t find any. instead I got distracted and found an amazing diy chandelier guide involving fairy lights, electrical tape and a hula hoop and then started searching for hula hoops on amazon. OOPSY.

So I logged off Pinterest and realised that no storage solution will fit my beautiful clutter into the small space. I need to de-clutter. BUT I CAN’T. You see it’s not like i’m *actually* a hoarder. Marie helped me organise my paperwork at christmas and that’s kind of working… it’s books. And it’s ‘bits’. Random bits that are utterly beautiful that i love (Matryoshka dolls) Or are full of memories that I don’t want to get rid of (Eiffel tower I purchased on our first family holiday). Or are just hilarious (ceramic penis shot glass from Korea’s infamous penis park) Most people have a few bits. I have ALOT. And I don’t want to bin them just because I am moving. Combine that with the books (I have to count them but there’s about 200) random bits of cosmetics, pieces of art, shoes, clothes etc etc etc etc it means I definitely have to hire a van because the stuff just wont fit in a car. Even a big one. With a trailer.

Luckily my lovely friend I am moving in with is BRUTAL when it comes to binning things, so before I invade her flat, i’m going to make her come over and help me. Before that I need to find a sensible storage system for 2 years worth of Elle Magazine. And no, not the recycling bin.

PS: Here is the hula hoop chandelier

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

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