chupa love

Individuell Mannisko via flickr

Individuell Mannisko via flickr



Travel and fashion go hand in hand, don’t they?

Firstly because, if you’re like me, you can NEVER fit everything you want to take into your luggage and then when you get there you realise everything you actually would rather be wearing are the things you left at home, right?

Secondly – the shops. I love shops. All shops but especially clothes shops. Did you know in Korea the malls are high rise? Or underground? There is SO MUCH opportunity to purchase clothing I would be buying clothes at 4am, from a market stall, 8am from an underground station extended mall and then go to one of the multistory high rise malls. Where as in Korea I bought everything ‘off the rack’, in India I discovered something new…

Thirdly – Tailors. I came back from India after almost six months, flat broke but with about 20 pieces of handmade clothing; everything from dresses to trousers to shoes. The tailoring industry is incredible and the brilliant men and women create stunningly beautiful clothes in incredibly short spaces of time for far less than a standard top shop t-shirt.

Fourthly – Seeing what other people are wearing – from traditional Korean hanboks and wedding outfits to the multicoloured rainbow of Indian saris, incredible rajasthani headpieces and traditional tibetan chupas, bar Portugal, most of my travel photography has contained ALOT of fashion shots. (Sorry portugal, logos and artful ripping are just not my thing)

So back to why this post is called chupa love? A chupa (HUGE apologies for misspelling) is part of traditional tibetan dress and when in Dharamsala, northern India, the current home to the Dalai Lama and many incredible tailors, I had two tibetan chupas made up, short versions. Mostly because they were beautiful and I decided looked a bit Vivienne Westwood.

I wear these occasionally. I haven’t worn one for a while, however I was working an event this evening and wanted something pretty and black and all my other pretty black things were dirty. So I wore my chupa. I think its the shape and the corset like top half that reminds me of Westwood – the layers of fabric yet ‘womanly way’ it curves in all the right places. However it also has super long ties that are supposed to be tied in a certain way, and despite watching three google videos I couldn’t work it out so I spent the entire day wearing an incorrectly tied chupa. Had I kept quiet nobody would have noticed but that’s not my style; I told my colleagues (obviously) they kind of rolled their eyes… although agreed that you couldn’t really tell.(I think they probably thought i was talking about lollipops) It felt so great wearing it, it kind of hugs you in the right places and makes you feel a bit glam that i might even wear the other one tomorrow… who knows! I should probably go to sleep. To be fair I should have probably gone to sleep hours ago but i’ve missed a few days of the blog and it’s been bugging me; anyhow I have new foundation so all will be fine!

(A picture will be coming, i’m having a photo mare at the moment… i’m sure you want to know more so will enlighten you at a better hour!)

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