saved by the bhel?

It wont be suprising for some that I have India on my mind. 9/10 times I normally do. It’s just a thing I guess. So whilst I would quite like to hot foot it to India, or at least Dishoom, i’m on the whole ‘money saving thing’ which means I can’t do either.

So instead I decided to bring India to my life; more than the usual of playing Jaya Ganesha, burning incense and wearing one of my MANY indian aquired garments. Instead of turned to Anjum Anand and her book Anjum’s vegetarian indian feast for some inspiration. It took three days and a wander this morning for me to get a major craving for Bhel, so (without having checked Anjum’s recipe) I headed to the supermarket for my now weekly shop? with the vague intention of sourcing the ingredients; well Indian mix, pomegranate seeds and coriander… those were what i remembered.

Anjum's vegetarian indian feast by Anjum Anand

Anjum’s vegetarian indian feast by Anjum Anand

On return with, well more than just those three, I checked Anjum’s Mumbai bhel puri mix to realise I had managed to miss most of the ingredients eg tomatoes. However, inspired and verging on being seriously hangry, I decided to forge forward and thus created Bhel puri aka moi – here’s how! (It also features, mostly to bulk it out a bit, the recipe for my current flavoursome fave, ginger rice.

Toasted sesame oil
Indian mix
Microwave brown basmati rice rice
Ginger paste
Sushi giner
Frozen spinach
Coconut flakes
Pomegranate seeds,
Red onion
Spring onion
Sweet red pepper
Garam masala from Amma’s ashram
Lemon juice
Fresh corriander

So first for the ginger rice: Simples. Microwave the rice packet for two minutes before putting it in a wok alongside some toasted sesame oil, ginger paste and chopped sushi ginger. Defrost some of the frozen spinach and add this. Sprinkle some garam masala to taste and indeed give it some Indian vibes.

Secondly: Chop all the fresh ingredients into small pieces, the red onion, cucumber, spring onions, sweet peppers, corriander and mix together in a separate bowl, then add the pomegranate seeds, coconut flakes and some lemon juice.

Finally: Add everything together in a bowl, I went with rice first, then handful of Indian mix then salad mix and stir it together!

My bhel

My bhel

Now this was the first attempt but i was pretty impressed with the results; although ideally it would have add some kind of dressing a green chili raita or mango dressing etc however because of the freshly cooked and moreover, fresh juicy salad ingredients it was moist as opposed to dry in most parts. Anyhow, the only way is up right? Next time, as well as adding a dressing of some kind, I’ll try it with a sainsburys own mango and chili one I have, it would be pretty easy to add some more flavours to the rice and indeed up the amount of veg choice or flavours to the salad. However essentially it worked and as I have some left, my very own bhel will undoubtedly be venturing to work with me come monday! (and to fair probably most of next week)

PS, can you tell I’m on blog post catch up yet?

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