you have the same amount of hours in the day as Bey

Yes you do. So do I. In fact we all do, so my first question is when the heck does Bey actually sleep? Or does it simply come down to money? I mean timesaving is easy when you have a private car on call and forego the time spent loitering at bus stops or waiting that inevitable ‘9 minutes’ for a tube, isn’t it? I mean let’s be honest as brilliant as she maybe, I just can’t imagine Bey waiting for twenty minutes in the rain for a bus that due to a diversion took 90 minutes to reach its destination which is how I spent my Friday morning?

Bey 1

Yet when I got to work yesterday, late, annoyed, hangry and dampened by the drips of rain that would later become a good 14-20 hours of pouring water it was Bey I turned to for some inspiration to drag me through a day of what was essentially to become ‘non generic data input’… Okay, that may be a vague exageration of the truth there were *some* exciting less dry moments, like when the canteen was terrible and I had to source an umbrella before battling the elements to Pret where luck would have it the shelves were almost bare… Oh no I lie, I also had two deliveries. The first being a copy of ‘After the flood’ by Sarah Perry which to be honest I nearly started reading there and then in the hope it may have had some practical tips and secondly, related to this post, a copy of the Rough Guide to Morocco which I had planned to spend Saturday reading accompanied by some blank sheets of paper and pens… I’m not yet and more on that later.

Bey mine

Anyway, back to Bey. I doubt Bey would have had a day like mine. I would have been well more well, Bey. She probably woke up, did a couple of sessions of insane power yoga fuelled only by green tea and honey before spending quality time with the fam, recording an album, making the videos for said album, performing a concert to millions and then embracing some relaxing time on a yacht in the pacific. Or maybe she just chilled. Sat in a messy hotel room and ate crackers? As if, I mean it’s clear Bey doesn’t do carbs.

Bey 6

So how does she do it, how does she have the time and energy and ability for the success she’s had is it the concept of the Beymachine, aka the hordes of people around her, is that where I’m going wrong? Do i need to buy me an entourage? If so with what cash… yep it comes to money. Again.

Apart form the fact I’ve spent 3 hours this morning in my pjs, listening to Bey and reading Buzzfeed articles about cute animals in the bath, I am pretty productive. Today is just downtime, well it was until…. well more later, and I do have a list. Probably because I always have lists. It’s just the first four things on my list included basics like ‘Phone my Mum’, partly because i missed her on thursday when she was actually in London because I was at work, secondly because I haven’t been able to call her because she’s a bit of a social animal and I’m always at work. Secondly was ‘drink coffee’. And I don’t mean nescafe instant, I mean proper coffee. The coffee that needs time, time to brew, to drink with no distractions, to enjoy in a slow-living, blissfull manner.

Bey 5

In between this I read my emails, got thrown off kilter by a curveball and went back to thinking about Bey, who was still singing, well not singing – she doesn’t just ‘sing’ does she, and did the naive and silly thing where you compare yourself like an insane person, which lead to dreams, aspirations and to this very blog. And the fact that this past week due to the previously mentioned work whilst I have managed to come up with a great range of blog titles, I have failed to actually write any. Until now, and this one is off the cuff, and to be honest quite alot of nonsense. And on that note instead of leaving you with my confused state of mind, I’m going to go back ‘to the top’ and try and pull this piece of muttering to a close and leave you with Bey, being Bey and the soundtrack that got me through Friday and to here.

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