i have blisters on my fingers

Stuffocation, moving house, mindfulness and the general need to de-clutter means I have spent the past three hours watching ‘Wild’ for the millionth time, listening to London Grammar whilst going through every magazine I have (3 years worth) to rip out my favourite articles; let’s be practical I can’t move them. I’ve done it but I can’t and this time things are a little more chaotic.

Now if I was a regular Elle Uk contributor. keeping three years worth of the magazine might be sensible. But as yet i’m not, although Lorraine if you’re bored and googling ‘HI!’ But like i struggle to part with books, I struggle to part with the articles I read and that resonate; whether they be fashion editorial or words… I just can’t. Pieces that stick with me for hours, days, months after and that I just can’t let go of. So instead I rip them out, eventually… then i recycle the magazines in bulk – the bin men LOVE me for this.

Sometimes it’s the more personal; inspirational and sometimes it’s just things like this. I mean come on!

Pharell in Elle UK

Pharell in Elle UK

It’s taken three hours to go through the two giant piles and pull the stuff I want. Most of which I remember and little is a suprise. This gets added to another file, which i ruthlessly edit atleast once a year, I mean that’s ruthless right? Anyhow… three hours of clicking magazine pages and i actually have the start of blisters on several fingers… although luckily, no papercuts. It’s now gone midnight. I have to go to bed.

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