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Taken to another place by Tracey Emin

Taken to another place by Tracey Emin

So despite my extra projects and a new one on top with travel AND moving house buzzing in my head I have still managed to spend a considerable time on the internet with this weeks black hole being my regular pal, Pinterest (Buzzfeed is so last week) My work gets delegated to hear which is a huge boost to my self-esteem. Not.

So I’ve mostly been reading about both storage solutions, travel tips and packing lists written by americans who finally left Ohio and it changed their life completely (despite only ending up in Seattle) Anyhow…. i’ve learnt a few things and i’ve decided to share them.

1. I still have too much stuff
2. Rolling your clothes, stuffing your shoes with knickers/toiletries/tshirts and not taking that dress you haven’t worn since you bought it 3 years ago is common sense, isn’t it?
3. Decanting your make-up into straws, contact lense cases, pill bottles and tic tac cases is ridiculous
4. Putting your jewlery into a 7 day pill box might actually be quite a good idea. As could be putting dirty shoes in a showercap but only if I had dirty shoes and access to a showercap.

Also inspired by 3 million online packing lists;these are my essentials* for ‘basic’ travel – think hostels not 5 star hotels
*not including clothes, shoes because they change and that would be a ridiculous

Electrical tape – for when the plug is in so faulty you put you adaptor in and the weight of it just falls out
A head torch – walking down a remote road in a city you’ve just arrived in at midnight is probably going to happen if you take any form of long distance public transport in asia. It’s just life. You don’t want a hand taken up with a torch if you need to fend of a mugger
Lots of pants – Handwashing will make them grey and mis-shapen if you are ‘on the road’ for 4+months (less depending on how many you take) Unless you like high waisted GIANT pants often purchased from a roadside stall
One set of decent underwear – Because everyone likes to feel sexy. Wearing ageing undies for long periods of time does not do that.
Cereal bars – for when that is all you can eat
Socks and maybe a hat – for when it’s 40 degrees outside but the luxury coach, train upgrade you booked for the twenty hour journey cranks the aircon up so high it’s minus 40 inside and you’re wearing flipflops.
A packet of razors – Body hair does not make me feel good.
A metal nail file – Because every time I go abroad my nails become amazing, they grow and I end up buying beauty basics kits. I now have 4 nail files which i never have the need to use in London where my nails split before they reach a length to file.
Avon skin so soft – It’s a mosquito repellent and moisturiser in one. AND it solidfies when cold so wont have leaked on the plane.
Colmans mustard, earl grey teabags, proper coffee and a cafetiere – because life is short and they make it better
Tampons and sanitary towels – finding them is hell, especially when you’re insides may well be feeling like Mount Vesuvius did in 79AD and when you finally do they are generally towels the size of adult nappies

There is clearly alot more that I take apart from the above but they are the things I never leave behind. Or in case of the nail file, never will again!

On the positive work front a night spent drinking espresso martinis, sailorettos, aperol spritzes and far too much wine on Tuesday evening  got me through my ‘head against wall’ moment.


The end of the week was far more bearable. And one might say actually productive and fun… But I don’t want to overstep the mark.

PS. The image is a limited edition print by Tracey Emin which I am IN LOVE WITH. You can find more here

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