face blur

Burning the candle at both ends rarely leads to great skin. And whilst I am incredibly blessed with having good skin the majority of the time just because my skin looks okay, doesn’t mean it actually feels okay.

Whilst my basic beauty regime is relatively simply, 90% of the time I forget to take my make-up off at night, barely get 8 hours sleep and have a pretty terrible diet of fast and easy access food unless i feel guilty. And I smoke. I’m destined to be screwed by the time I’m 40, however at the moment I still regularly get ID’d in shops when trying to purchase booze.

To combat all the awfulness and when it feels like my face is grey smush i do ensure I dedicate a good couple of hours to trying to fix it. There’s a major beauty junkie in me, itching to get out – I use to have a serious obsession with body moisturisers in my late teens and early twenties as well being a true nineties girl and major collector of Bodyshop animal soaps. It means I have a rather excessive collection of products, and with the whole stuffocation thing still making its mark and the need to slim down, thought I would both please my skin and my need to de clutter and give myself a full on face de-smushing session.

I’d also include a toner to this mix however I’ve run out and want to start experimenting more with simple home made options but have I had time to do that yet? Of course not.

I started off with my favourite Manuka Honey face scrub from Good Things. I have a whole bunch of their products; they feel amazing on my skin and have a great smell. I use it daily combined with this incredible silicone exfoliating ‘gadget’ which I found in either £land or Primark (amazon sell a similar one here) and has changed my life. I left the scrub on for about 15 minutes, it’s creamy but still really gritty which for me is the perfect combination.

Whilst scrubbing my face, I also scrubbed my lips! Lush’s Bubblegum flavoured sugar lip scrub and me are firm favourites. It smells incredible and instantly softens your lips. I use it about once a month or more if i’m having a lipstick moment!

After scrubbing away for a while, I rinse my face in hot water and will often have a mini steam with a hot muslin cloth (leftover from various tubs of Liz Earle’s Hot cloth cleanser which is MAGIC)

At this point I would normally add some toner – rosewater, cucumber water; i go with light. As I said I’m going to investigate making some soon; i quite fancy cucumber and lemon but we’ll see. BUT I’ve run out of everything apart from a super strong toner i have for when my skin errupts and my skin would have hated me if i’d used it!

After leaving my skin to absorb the toner and to cool down for a bit, I then attack my eyes.

Eyes have become increasingly important to me in the past couple of years; they are the first things to begin ageing and also first to give away my long hours and lack of sleep. I’m also currently besieged by allergies so have (and this is where my stuffocation thing went wrong) just ordered an eye gel from amazon, however most recently I have been using Botanics Radiant Youth hydrating eye cream with protective gingko. And I SMOTHER it on. I only ever use it in the evenings. I should use it more, but in sessions like this I make up for lost time!

The almost final step involves Balance Hyaluronic 554 Youth Serum. I found this on amazon around 18 months ago when I was having some serious dry skin woe. I found a bunch of cheapish products on amazon and tried them out. This was my favourite. My skin rarely needs alot of extra moisturising. 9 months of the year I use either Ultrabland or during my Ultrabland ‘holidays’ (I need change) like now, an oil or atleast oil heavy cleanser which is standalone. (I’m currently using L’Oreal Extraordinanary oil everymorning and it does everything, well almost)

I would like to try more from this brand as this youth serum is perfect in giving my skin added moisture but is also super light!

The final touches are currently coming from Superdrug’s own brand Vitamin E range in the form of ‘Superbalm’ but I also use Lucas Pawpaw Ointment, Yu-Be and Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour to name but a few others… a dab on my lips and a coating on my hands. Yes my hands. All of this face focus makes me then realise how dry my hands are and your average hand moisturiser just wont cut it!

Now a few things to point out are that I’m normally in the bath when i do this, so I take time and don’t rush. Well I get out of the bath before I add the serum but before then… I also generally then wack some oil onto my hair as well.

This is usually something from the OGX range and is currently the coconut milk anti breakage serum; however i’ve also used the macadamia nut oil, argan oil and I really want to experiment with the Kuku oil as apparently it’s great in humid; London being so painfully humid… (or not) ALSO I am thinking of changing my hair and I quite fancy something like the below so I need my hair in good condition!

By the end of the session my skin feels like it’s spent a week on a beach; well not quite but it it’s definitely closer to lush than smush!

Images via my tumblr here

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