good for the soul

It’s been a month since this happened. And whilst I think this blog may still only have 4 readers the experience has got me to the place I wanted it to and taught me quite alot along the way!

1. Tagging Kendall Jenner and/or Kim Kardashian makes people read your blog post

via Google

via Google

2. Alot of what I write doesn’t get published, probably because for various reasons it shouldn’t be published (hello 17 unpublished blog posts)

3. I have a personal barrier between what is going on my life and what I write about. Alot has happened in the past 31 days that hasn’t been mentioned; does that matter? Do i need to have a share all mentality? We’ll see

4. Whenever I blog the fluffball sits on my keyboard as opposed to encouraging me.


5. How much of an impact certain things have on me; both personally and professionally. Reading Stuffocation this month is a clear example.

6. The whole job thing.

Pinterest via Found on

Pinterest via Found on

7. How much I do. Okay so alot of that doing is internet based due to time and money; but I a bit of a magpie for stuff – both online and offline. And then I write blog posts about stuff that I see that I like…

8. I am terrible at writing book reviews.

9. It’s rare I publish something straight off the cuff. It normally sits unpublished for a few days, or I schedule it.

10. I can actually do this, whilst living my life. In many ways it makes me live my life better.

good for the soul


11. Publically shaming my shopping habits doesn’t work

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