no lion, no witch; just a wardrobe

Everyone owns clothes they don’t need and there are a lot of reasons why. I’m not alone in this; nor am I alone in the desire to slim down and cut down and end up with something more closely akin to the below. But obviously with more colour.

However realistically? Never going to happen. I mean that image is pleasing to the aesthetically pleased minimalist deeprooted inside; it’s not exactly practical is it?

As with all issues/non-issues I face I’ve been reading ALOT about it and the Marie Kondo book I have previously mentioned is also great. However I still haven’t made much of a dent.

Having paused with the minimising & de-cluttering after reaching my wardrobe (and specifically the clothes in the wheelie drawers under my bed) I am now in the mood for action; but whenever I try I get foiler by various stumbling blocks.

1. The stuff I think I will get rid of is stuff I actually wear but have grown to dislike due to boredom or it’s increased wear and tear. If I get rid (whether it be bin, charity, friend) it will need replacing. i’m trying to save cash so therefore it stays. CASE STUDY EXAMPLE: Sheer black draped chiffon shirt

2. The stuff I live in and love when the weather is nice. The issue being living in London and being predominantly at work; these pieces are either too flimsy or too revealing or both. I don’t wear it regularly enough to keep right? CASE STUDY EXAMPLE: A white cotton dress, several cotton beach playsuits

3. The stuff I LOVE on the hanger; but have either never worn it or wear it irregularly because it is quite possibly ridiculous or more often than not revealing. CASE STUDY EXAMPLES: A yellow lace and chiffon summer dress with thin rope straps and splits, a green one shoulder dress

4. Stuff that’s fallen to pieces but I can’t bear to throw. CASE STUDY EXAMPLE: My faux leather jacket. I’ve had it for 11 years & a pair of brown laser cut brogues

5. Stuff that has been essential in the past; that I wore constantly, is still in great condition BUT I haven’t worn it for six months or more CASE STUDY EXAMPLE: Snake print maxi skirt

6. Ridiculous things that i can’t bear to part with; rarely wear, mostly due to circumstance, but when I do it’s amazing CASE STUDY EXAMPLE: Gold sequinned pants, pink velvet skirt

Now I know alot of these are excuses but giving things up are hard especially if your wardrobe tends to be seasonal and their are emotions tied to the item

EXAMPLE 1: Rabbit print blue knitted jumper dress purchased in a Korean mall. More of a jumper now than a dress.

Of course I haven’t worn it recently; its thick wool and whilst the London summer hasn’t been great; it’s not snowing. I did wear it a few times over winter – however it is thick and with my current building pro-active with heating – I would have melted if I wore it to work. Emotionally I love the jumper; however I do sometimes struggle with what to wear it with. Skinny jeans would be great; but they would need to be skinny skinny and also the jumper is blue so jeans can be blue overkill. I normally go for major clash and wear it with leopard print leggings at the weekends…. It also takes up alot of space; either folded or hung; because of its chunky nature.

I love it. Do I keep it?

If i tell you the thought of giving it up is making me sweat abit is that an answer?

Now I’m not weirdly emotionally attached to all of my clothes, however when I did ‘Kondo’ my wardrobe (well i kind of did, I put everything I didn’t love in storage bags in a cupboard – LUCKILY) and decide to keep only the things I love; I ended up with a wardrobe of mismatched pattern and crazy; the pieces I didn’t love were essentially crucial in order to wear the pieces I did love…

EXAMPLE 2 :Black draped chiffon shirt (no 1) and pink velvet skirt (no 6) Go PERFECTLY together. Loose the shirt, most likely then what other options are there for the skirt? Should I be that I should be brutal and cull both?

Now I could but I’m not going to because in fairness provided the skirt is paired with something simple like a basic white, black or maybe even monochrome tshirt it’s fine… As long as the tshirt is well, standard fit as opposed to skinny, or oversize. It’s just too pretty, too velvety and I feel brilliant when I’m wearing it. I just can’t; however I’m thinking maybe the shirt could go.
I could spend until the end of days the emotional relationship and inner arguments I’m having with each of the pieces of my wardrobe but I don’t think anybody wants to read that 10000 word thesis; I should really just get on with it right? See you on the other side….

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