when i was a fashion editor – beyond the clothes; fashion outside the box

KILL ME NOW. I clearly took liberties with my ‘Fashion editor role’ this was ACTUALLY published. So bad, it’s good?

Beyond the clothes: fashion outside the box.

Fashion is not all about clothes. Fashion can relate to everything the world hands to us, and the most important thing to remember is that it is utterly created by moneymaking capitalists. Fashion is something that is big in one place at one time, and it has little to do with whether you will be able to pull off wearing red tights with trainers to Uni today. Thus, I have composed a little list of current fashions of the moment, of Thursday 17th November 2005. Whether they be global national local or personal right now id say they at the height of fashion, whether it be the wrong way or the right way.

Keeping a diary.

Crystal Meth

Sustainable World

Low carb or No carb



Artic Monkeys

Anti Capitalism




Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Dating as a Sport

Dogs as friends, not as accessories.

Getting high legally.

Going Home after the sun has risen



Wholenut Dairy Milk.

Not being perfect.

Nice Landlords/agents etc

Having no loan

Making lists.

And for those that cant be coping with this sudden slip out of the faux façade that is the fashion industry then don’t worry I have only gone hardcore due to a moment of madness.

P.S Get excited, because apparently neon is back.

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