when i was a fashion editor – fag fashion

Published in London Student when I held the questionable title of ‘Fashion Editor’ back in 2005-2006. Most of the originals all burnt in a house fire a couple of years back however I recently found a file on my laptop with the old editorial in. Not sure if I could get away with this title in 2015 but a decade ago it was fine apparently.

Fag Fashion

Kate Moss smoking

Kate Moss smoking

Despite the fact clubs pubs and restaurants are quickly become either partly or entirely no smoking, fag fashion is still prominent in the realm of celebdom. As a smoker myself I have tried numerous times to nip the habit in the butt (excuse the attempted pun) and live a healthy smoke free life. However I haven’t and right now I don’t know when I will. I didn’t just start because my friend offered me a B&H at a bus stop, well that may have been the case, but could one of the reasons I kept going be the oh so fashionable women I see puffing away on the pages of heat every week as opposed to the fact the nicotine got hold of me and wont let me go. Think of the most prominent women in Britain and Hollywood then think of how many times you have seen them taking a drag.

Smoking traditionally was a man thing just like darts, drinking and the ability to hold down a job and earn a decent wage. However it was Sigmund Freuds nephew back in the day that got women smoking. A market genius of his time up until the infamous wall street crash, he single-handedly got young women lighting up. It was the Macys parade and he managed to coherce a beautiful bunch of debutantes to light up infront of a pack of paparazzi, with the explanation torch of freedom contrasted with a womens attempt to gain a penis his ideas worked and women started smoking honestly and in public. Companies targeted women directly and still do today, think ten packs, how many men do you know that buy them? It really is stereotypically women..i don’t know if it’s a fact but could it be that their handbag sized? Sleek slim and not too much too cope with.

Anyhow back to the role models of today, Sienna you’re a prime example your getting your oh so pretty face everwhere and generally also have a fag either hanging out of your mouth or fingers, Kate well you’ve been slated for cocaine so I might as well put you on the fag ash lil bandwagon as well. Even the original teenyboppers are raging nicotine whores, Voice of an Angel Charlotte Church is one of the main brit promo girls and as for the Americans Britney must be mentioned alongside those damn Olsen twins and skinny minnie Lindsay ‘Mean girls’ Lohan. All i’m going to say is that you have the cash to buy the patches and gum, can afford a personal trainer and dietician so have no excuse in regards to being addicted or replacing meals with nicotine as so many women do. Instead your just setting appaling examples to all of our young immature consuming kids who yes at ten years old are already heat addicts and are probably already blagging lambert and butler down their local newsagents all thanks to you. What is our society coming too?

PS The image is not the original.

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