when i was a fashion editor – headgear

That  time when submissions were so thing, i filled space my artfully diseminating a press release and creating a ‘give away’. Anna Wintour would have been quaking in her sunglasses has she read this.


Do you long to look good and manage a lie in? Well you’re in luck, Morphy Richards have launched a new line of ceramic straightenrs just in time for Christmas. The Hair straightners retail at the bargain price of £34.99, they feature state of the art straightening technology and more importantly are ready use in just sixty seconds, thus are the perfect tool for the every hectic London student. They undoubtedly aid to the couture coiffeur image we are always after, without the hassle of having to sit with a blowdryer for hours and hours. And the best thing about them? Their bright pink.

London Student Readers you are in luck, we have teamed up with Morphy Richards to let one of you win a free pair.. All you have to do is answer a simple question: What is the new haircare range by Morphy Richards called?

Please send answers on a beautifully decorated postcard

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