when I was a fashion editor – hmm stella.

Published in London Student when I held the questionable title of ‘Fashion Editor’ back in 2005-2006. Most of the originals all burnt in a house fire a couple of years back however I recently found a file on my laptop with the old editorial in. I’m personally impressed by my references to Freud; it wouldn’t suprise me if I had made them up.

Hmm Stella.

Hennes and Mauritz a.k.a H&M has been a staple element of any wardrobe rejuvenation for years. It has key pieces and low prices aimed at everyone. Whether you’re a new born baby or a pensioner its applicable. With the rise of budget fashion H&M ‘s fandom has rocketed. I remember my mum taking me to Hennes when I was about eight. Then it was my mum that was excited, but as I aged, my passion for shopping grew, and I was allowed to leave Chichester for the excitement of Portsmouth and Brighton, i soon understood the wonder that the store beholds. Nowadays its unlikely I wont be wearing something bought from the store, whether it be a pair of nice knickers, a basic pair of jeans or an off the wall jumper that looks more designer or vintage than high street.

Two years ago Karl Lagerfeld created a low budget range for the high street giant, now it’s the turn of Miss Stella McCartney. Her range hit the shops last Thursday, the tenth of November. And when I say hit I mean it in a literal sense as women fought to purchase her wares. The queues were unbelievable and by the time evening came and the more sedated shopper decided to amble down and have a gander there was little left apart from a trail of destruction. It hit the new in full force in the same way the opening of Ikea at Edmonton did last year. Stories of old ladies falling and babies being upturned in their buggies were rife and all for a £35 dress.

Stella via google

Stella via google

Stella McCartney, for those who have been living under a stone for the past two decades, is the offspring of ‘Beatle’ Paul and the late vegetarian goddess Linda. After graduating from Central Saint Martins in 1995 her collection was bought by Browns, Joseph, Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus to name a few. She was appointed creative director Parisian fashion house Chloe and was replaced by Phoebe Philo when she decided to set up on her own in 2001. Her own label was a joint venture with the Gucci Group and led to her first store in Manhattans meatpacking district. She now has three, one in LA and one on Bruton Street in London.  However, me, you and the majority of others may love her garments yet can do little but stare and dream. Not any more. H&M asked its customers who they would chose to create a diffusion range for their store. They said Stella. Hey presto the collaboration occurred.

The range has not gone without its difficulties, the main down being its ‘face’ being axed just weeks before the launch and having to be hastily replaced with a look a like.   The collection is described by Stella herself as her ‘greatest hits’ items, a range of sexy jeans sharp tailoring, quality coats, glamorously simple evening dresses and cutesy t-shirts that all start from around fifteen quid. Now do you understand why the babies ended up on the floor?

It is unsurprising that she follows in the dietary footsteps of her parents and remains a strict vegetarian, this also means that there is no fur or leather used in any of her collections. As well as creating a slick line Stella has gone that little bit further by adding to the line a t-shirt that if purchased helps give aid to charity. The likes  ‘Flora and Fauna International’s International Gorilla conservation programme’, ‘Animal Aid’, ‘The Humane society of the United States’ protect seals campaign’ and ‘Peta’s Animal Emergency Fund’.

This is neither her first or probably her last collaboration in September 2005 she helped launch the Sports Performance collection for women by collaborating with Adidas to create a beautifully stylish range of practical sportswear. McCartney also created the clothing for Madonna during her ’Reinvention’ tour, Annie Lennox and for the film ’Sky Captain and the world of Tomorrow’.

To me McCartney is coming across as a one woman wonder machine, just like her parents. She is a passionate designer who is helping the impoverished like us by creating a range that doesn’t cost half a house. Through that   she’s also helping gorillas seals and animals in general. Not to forget she’s also a hip mum to a son with an adorably cool name (Miller)’ is a supportive wife and still continues the society party pages of ES, Style Vogue Elle and Grazia etc. Some people are just too good to us and Stella is one of them.

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