when i was a fashion editor – kate, cocaine and jordan’s wedding dress

This was my most favourite piece. I actually still have a copy; i’ve just struggled to make it readable.Think of it what you will…

(I’ve added the pictures)

Kate, Cocaine and Jordan’s wedding dress

One of the biggest months in fashion has just come to a close. A celebration of whats new for spring/summer 2006 has just occurred in the four fashion capitals of the world; New York Milan, paris and of course London. London fashion week comes under criticism each season mainly because a number of our favourite ‘best of british’ designers including the flame haired wonder vixen herself Vivienne Westwood has shunned the catwalks of Britain to instead show her wares in Paris as opposed to the breath taking London location of…the natural history museum. However when the weeks press should have been dominated by skirt lengths and heel heights instead we were subjected to the vindication of a woman who despite being a pinnacle in world fashion was neither on the catwalk or even in Britain. Croydon born beauty Kate Moss graced the covers of every tabloid and broadsheet for all the un fashionable reasons. Few papers mentioned anything about the clothes and instead they covered ‘fashion’ by detailing what substances were supposedly going up Kate’s nostrils. Personally who gives a damn, I wanted clothes not drugs and I certainly didn’t want to see a vindication of the worlds greatest supermodels. I see it as complete and utter double standards she came to attention with heroin chic yet with a sniff of cocaine she has lost a number of major contracts including the initial one with HM for their Stella McCartney collaboration and also those with Burberry, Dior and rumour has it maybe even Rimmel.

kate moss

Recent research into cocaine abuse in the city has caused a government crackdown, they want to find out why our student parties are rife with the drug and have simply used kate as a scape goat…could they not have found anyone else?. The ridiculousness of it all is that it isn’t particularly new news, if any of you have seen any of those ‘truth about’ documentaries about kate moss then you would know that the drug has always featured in her life but why bring it to the forefront now and especially during London fashion week when there were a lot more appropriate things that could have been featured. If she is really at a point of desperation sureley she should be given help instead of being slowly beaten down with column inches. As for kate replacements in the the likes of lily cole Karen Elson, Anouck Lepere and sienna miller (how did she get in that line up I ask you evening standard) did Marilyn need one? did Audrey need one? No and Kate certainly doesn’t either. The woman is more than a model, shes a supermodel, shes an institution.


I miss these two...

I miss these two…

…another institution of Britain is of course the fantsastic Jordan, aka Katie price who got married this month and as this is a fashion column and I am a big fan I simply have to mention that dress…a Barbie pink glittery puffball it was legendary and you have to admit perfect in every way, I mean she was never going to glide down the aisle in a chic sleek ivory Vera Wang creation was she!

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