when i was a fashion editor – opening editorial plea


This is almost as arrogant as you would expect – but hey i am forewarning you so it’s okay?! I mean what do you expect I was a newly appointed fashion editor of TWO student publications, 22 and at Goldsmiths.

The London Student Fashion Section has been reborn. Gone are the random catwalk photos taken from style.com and the cringing reflections of shopping trips in Knightsbridge. I would like to introduce you to a section created in order for readers to gain inspiration from, a section to enhance ones fashionable life. Instead of devoting an issue to the pro’s and cons of purchasing a poncho the hope is to instead compose a collaboration of latest trends, new store openings, random boutiques, fashion shows, exhibitions, books and retrospectives/interviews with icons of the industry. However I don’t plan on producing the whole myself as that would simply be selfish. The reason i am doing this is because for me to break into the fashion industry when I graduate experience is everything and a degree in English and media aint going to get me that far.

However I am a final year student and will probably fall apart if I am left alone,  if you’re a biology/maths/history student and wanting to be the next Anna Wintour, Mario Testino, or even Alexander McQueen then do not hesitate to get in contact with polished off meanderings on the fashion world or simply ideas and enthusiasm. Indeed I do have a little band of merry men…well actually mainly women at the moment who are currently traipsing along behind me as I continue to try and organise myself but the more the merrier and if I get flooded with contributions and contributors then you never know the boss may give us more pages. Coming up over the next year will be featuring in depth analysis’ of our favourite London fashion haunts and also digging around to find some new ones. There will no doubt at some point be something written somewhere about 1950’s vogue photographer Lee Miller, the wonderful Vivienne Westwood and hints on literature by Genevieve Antoine Dariaux. I am also hoping that everyone else will chip in with their ideas and inspiration about fashion because if not it could, being honest get rather dull!

I was never inundated by contributors see the ‘Give away’ copy I wrote later today, which was clearly done to fill a gap. And Miller or Dariaux never got a look in!

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