when i was a fashion editor – shop review

Published in London Student when I held the questionable title of ‘Fashion Editor’ back in 2005-2006. Most of the originals all burnt in a house fire a couple of years back however I recently found a file on my laptop with the old editorial in. I think I must have been having a busy month…

The world according too… 4 Brewer Street Soho

Situated incredibly close to stereotypical smut establishments and just a stagger from ann summers, The world according too… is a breath of fresh air in the somewhat seedy surroundings of the soho sex industry. With a tiny shopfront the store it’s easy to bypass ithout blinking, however as you make your way down the steep narrow staircase you end up in a delicately beautiful cupboard of a shop. Its rails contain both designer and collaborative lines from the likes of westwood and kishimoto as well as containing a gorgous alladins cave of a cabinet in the middle. Even if you don’t have the nank balance required to make a purchase its worth a look if only for the décor; the store is covered in stars and this makes the whole place  seem somewhat  of a ray of light in a an otherwise murky world.


Sadly The world according to no longer lives; and the internet barely has any reference to it… oh what beautiful times the early millenial years were. Anyhow, now at 4 Brewer Street is Cutter & Squidge who make ‘biskies’… i feel a food post coming on

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